Sunday, 19 September 2010

Avatar Puzzle Pop Released

Calling all Xbox 360 owners!! Developed by A GAME BY Andrew Wilson, Avatar Puzzle Pop has just been released for Xbox 360 on the Indie games channel. 80 MSP gets you 6 exciting game modes with high scores, full tutorials, funky retro music and Xbox Avatar support. Give it a try and tell your friends.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Avatar Puzzle Pop Trailer

Here is the trailer for Avatar Puzzle Pop my upcoming Xbox 360 Indie game. The game has just gone into approval and I'm fairly confident it'll go through, if it does it'll be available for download in a week or so. But for now marvel at my low budget trailer.

Avatar Puzzle Pop Trailer

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Music of Avatar Puzzle Pop

As I'm quite a big fan of the classic systems like the SNES and the Mega Drive I was quite keen put some retro chiptunes music into APP. Unfortunately I lack the skills to produce the kind of music I was seeking so I naturally turned to the interweb. After searching for a bit I came across this chap and his website.

Tom Murphy VII, as he is known, has produced some really amazing chiptune style tracks in both 8 and 16 bit flavours. Make sure you check out his work as it's really great. Thanks for the tunes Tom.

While we are on the subject of Tom 7, I also noticed on his site his notion of Crap Art and a related project called Album-a-day which is essentially a set of constraints to help you write a whole album (well, 20 mins) in less than 24 hours. As I'm a bit crazy, like a challenge and have too much free time I decided to embark on the project. I succeeded.

So if you have a free 20 minute period and want to listen to an unhinged software developer play a guitar like a lunatic then give Ate Words a try.

Ate Words

Also feel free to check out a friends attempt at the project, I like to think I inspired him to write this album, that gives me a personal stake in it. It's very keyboard centric and technically wonderful. So check out Initiation whenever.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Avatar Puzzle Pop submitted for review

Avatar Puzzle Pop is a frantic and fun action puzzler. Connect two groups of blocks of the same colour to remove them from the play field. Combo blocks together for big points. Avatar support for fun gameplay feedback. Multiple game modes, clear the line, disarm the bombs, shoot some dice and play a friend in 2 player mode.