Monday, 14 June 2010

The Music of Avatar Puzzle Pop

As I'm quite a big fan of the classic systems like the SNES and the Mega Drive I was quite keen put some retro chiptunes music into APP. Unfortunately I lack the skills to produce the kind of music I was seeking so I naturally turned to the interweb. After searching for a bit I came across this chap and his website.

Tom Murphy VII, as he is known, has produced some really amazing chiptune style tracks in both 8 and 16 bit flavours. Make sure you check out his work as it's really great. Thanks for the tunes Tom.

While we are on the subject of Tom 7, I also noticed on his site his notion of Crap Art and a related project called Album-a-day which is essentially a set of constraints to help you write a whole album (well, 20 mins) in less than 24 hours. As I'm a bit crazy, like a challenge and have too much free time I decided to embark on the project. I succeeded.

So if you have a free 20 minute period and want to listen to an unhinged software developer play a guitar like a lunatic then give Ate Words a try.

Ate Words

Also feel free to check out a friends attempt at the project, I like to think I inspired him to write this album, that gives me a personal stake in it. It's very keyboard centric and technically wonderful. So check out Initiation whenever.

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